New York Baseball Stadium Frieze mug (1920s)

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Recreated for you here is a piece of the iconic New York Stadium frieze, built into the ballpark when it was erected in 1923.

Unquestionably, the Stadium’s architectural signature is, and has been, draped atop its upper deck since the stadium's opening in 1923. It was unique among stadiums and ballpark. Without it, the stadium’s mighty interior would have looked aesthetically ordinary.

The Art Deco copper frieze (fans have called it “the façade”), with its arched motif, was originally made of copper,— although the blueprint from Osborne Engineering called it Toncan metal, which suggests a copper-iron alloy. (Osborne has designed a litany of great sports parks, including Polo Grounds in 1911, Fenway Park and Tiger Stadium in 1912, Notre Dame Stadium in 1929, RFK Stadium in 1959, and Jacobs Field in 1994.

The original Stadium frieze weathered over the decades, developing a patina, then was painted white in the 1960s, and was removed in the 1970s renovation with a small part placed atop the center field bleachers.

Your stadium frieze mug will serve you coffee, tea or hot chocolate as the season winds down the playoffs begin. Its classic popular shape and  high quality sublimation printing would make it makes it home run of a gift to a fan.

.: White ceramic
.: 11 oz (0.33 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-Handle