Baseball is Back! For now...

Posted by Bob Namar on

It's baseball season again...finally.


And even though it is a micro-version of what we are accustomed to enjoying, we have have bat-and-ball again...for now anyway. And we have some unique designs to help celebrate the 2020 season.

For many of us, baseball is a hobby where you follow a story for (usually) seven months or more -- if you're lucky. 

What makes baseball so interesting to all its fans? Well, each has their own  reason; there are as many as there are flowers that bloom. And there is not even a 'top ten' list, because baseball is about little things that are both monotonously uninteresting and critically important at the same time. Things like working the count. Moving the runner along. Shifting the infield. Not swinging at a pitch. 

And, like in real life, a baseball stadium is filled with distractions from cold beer. and bacon on a stick, to enormous hi-def screens and blaring music and announcements -- from the mundane to the important.

Other sports are where we go to escape life. Baseball gives us an opportunity to wallow in it... or it ignore it entirely.  You can mentally check out when you want, or aim your laser focus on the next inning, batter, pitch.

Baseball, like war, is interminable boredom and drudgery punctuated by moments of full-scale action with everyone in full motion, all set within the story arc of an inning, a game, a season.

So welcome to the season. Play Ball!