New Year, New You: Making Room for More Cool Designs

Posted by Bob Namar on

The transition of one year into the next; the end of one thing always represents the start of something else.  Our present circumstances do not define where we will go; they only determine where we next begin. For every today is a new beginning, and every yesterday a cool memory.

Our future blooms from the seeds of the past, and that’s why we created Yestercool and brought you great designs like those below.

yestercool image design baseball bike austin texas cool

We are in the process of expanding our cool designs with two new collections over the next two months: saluting the military and recognizing the bike (motor and pedal) community.

It is our belief that the new year will bring glittering light to brighten our future, and we plan to help light the way with the types of designs and products that inspired our designers. While we don't know exactly where we are going from here, we promise it will not be boring. And it will be cool.

And now we welcome a new year, full of things that have never been. Happy New Year.