There are many types of heroes. We salute them all.

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As we head into summer, with the celebration of Memorial Day, a holiday of special significance and tradition, honoring our fallen heroes, we are all finding the opportunities to reconnect and reunite with family and friends we’ve missed for too long.

This year there's so much to hope for, as we move to the other side of the pandemic. We are stronger together, and we are all thankful for the freedoms and strengths that come with being in these United States.

 Coast Guard

We'd like to call special attention to our Military and Maritime collection, recognizing some of our finest who represent us and defend our country. We offer a special salute to the Coast Guard -- responsible for the maritime safety, security, and environmental stewardship in U.S. waterways and ports. The Coast Guard defends and protects more than 100,000 miles of our coastlines, as well as providing humanitarian aid to people in distress due to human-made and natural disasters.

The Coast Guard also works with the intelligence community to enforce laws in regards to maritime transportation, bridges, hazardous material shipping, vessel construction and operation, and oil spill response. Our heartfelt appreciation to the Coast Guard. A portion of all Coast Guard purchases will go to the Coast Guard Foundation to help members and their families.

Part of this collection includes nautical flag messages that are both fun and flirty, and represent the tradition of the International Code of Signals, used by vessels to communicate important messages regarding safety of navigation and related matters. Check them all out here.

 Military and Maritime  Military and Maritime Military and Maritime

Thank you for continuing to send your design requests and ideas. We consider all of them and are at work implementing a number of them. We're happy cool has been able to bring happiness to a number of our customers who appreciate designs from yesterday, each with a story to tell.

Stay tuned and stay cool. There is more to come.