Vintage Gas for NASA and Austin

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What does Austin have to do with the Space Race? Well, in the fictional alternate history Apple TV series For All Mankind, Wayne Cobb, the husband of the first female astronaut is a graphic artist that lives a Bohemian lifestyle, even introducing cannabis to other astronauts.

Andt hanging prominently in his apartment, visible in multiple episodes, is a poster for the Vulcan Gas Company (see images of the posters by Gilbert Shelton, a pioneer of the underground comix movement).

vulcan gas company austin texas

Gilbert Shelton's posters attracted Austin's local counter-culture to the rock music venue Vulcan Gas Company in the 1960s.

Set decorator Dianna Freas spoke about those choices in a story on

“Wayne is a popular illustrator, so you’ll see rock music posters for the Vulcan Gas Company, a rock venue in Austin, and from Wolfgang’s for the Grateful Dead, and Jefferson Airplane at the Filmore Auditorium. This is his studio as well as their home, thus his painting accoutrement amidst rock life paraphernalia, plus his drawings, paintings, and illustrations.”

Fans of Austin, NASA and Haight-Ashbury culture love the authentic references. “I think it’s almost everyone’s favorite set!,” said Dianna. “It’s packed with eclectic furnishings and décor, including a 1930s mohair sofa, mid-century lighting, ’60s ephemera and vintage elements, draped ceiling, plants, unique fabrics...lots of strong colors.”

We love the vibe, we love the show, and of course we love vintage designs. So much that we feature them on Yestercool.

vulcan gas company austin texcas

What vintage designs from Austin (or anywhere) would you like to see revived and reimagined? If we use your idea, we might just send you a tee or mug. Cool.



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