Mr. Met (1960s) enamel snack bowl

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Mr. Met. First introduced on the cover of game programs, yearbooks, and on scorecards in 1963, Mr. Met (who eventually wore #00), is shown on this enamel bowl in four delightful designs: pitching, hitting, running and forlornly watching it rain. 

Our chic enamel bowl is just waiting for that next doubleheader, or playoff game in front of the big screen. Made from stainless steel and having an anti-slip backing, it comes with a translucent plastic lid. Available in three sizes - 20oz, 30oz, 40oz. Mr. Met goes all around the exterior.

.: Lightweight stainless steel
.: 20oz (0.59 l); 30oz (0.88 l); 40oz (1,18 l)
.: Translucent plastic lid