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Joe's Blues Bar

They did not have mugs like this at Joe's, where die-hard blues fans flocked to listen to the likes of Alan Haynes, Guy Forsythe, Joe Rockhead, Jim Talbot, SLASHBELLY with Uncle John Turner on drums, or sometimes even a wannabe band blasting out a Texas shuffle or a gritty blues dirge. It was bottled beer only, served in Igloo coolers on the floor, and the bar was made of egg crates and old wooden doors. The vibe was low-down to be sure, --some would call it a dive-- but Joe's with it's hanging barcode for a sign out front--delivered. But today this is one way to rememeber Joe's as the showcase for some of the greatest live music Austin would hear before it closed in 2004.

Truly, an Austin original and one of the most venerable of Austin's Sixth Street institutions. And the mug is pretty cool, too.

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Your Joe's Generic Bar mug is:

.: Black ceramic with a C-handle

Height, in 3.74
Diameter, in 3.15