Valrus Sum (I Am The Walrus, in Latin) wine tumbler (1960s)

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"I am he as you are he as you are me And we are all together."

The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour is one of our favorite albums, and it was a fave of John Lennon's, too, although he later expressed dismay when he discovered that the walrus was a villain in the Lewis Carroll poem that inspired the tune. Nevertheless, John liked it, calling it "one of my favorite tracks...because it’s one of those that has enough little bitties going to keep you interested even a hundred years later."

And we are. Now, we've added a fun twist to it, translating the title into Latin to puzzle and amuse those around you (except for those Latin-istas in the know).

Let's toast: Goo goo g'joob!

Fine Print: The 12oz. Stemless Wine Tumblers feature stainless steel double-wall construction, vacuum insulated for 2X cold and heat retention compared to glass or plastic containers, removable clear lid and textured sweat-free powdercoat.

• Tumbler Brand - Polar Camel

• BPA and Lead Free

• Hand Wash Only

• Do Not Microwave