Vintage Hunting - 12 Gauge Buckshot, Shotgun Shells tee (1950s)

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The shotgun is intricately weaved throughout world, and U.S. history. In America, the term shotgun was first used in Kentucky in 1776 to differentiate between a ‘smoothbore shotgun’ and a rifled ‘musket’. 

In history, a smoothbore gun was used for firing small shot at short range and has evolved from its identity as a Blunderbuss in 1600s Germany, a Fowling Piece in 1700s Britain, a Scattergun, a Trench-gun with the exceptional firepower of a pump-action shotgun in WWI, and most recently and popularly, the Shotgun.

This design simulates the design stenciled on old crates of ammo, featuring a monochromatic design, surely familiar to hunters around the world. Yestercool has  reproduced this design on our finest quality tees for comfort and long-life.

Go on, get hunting. And take this tee along.

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