Do You Care About Your Tees?

Posted by Bob Namar on

Our mailbag, virtual as it is, gets a number of questions about care and keeping of your Yestercool tee, or any other vintage/retro design or apparel.

So whether you have bought your tee at Yestercool, or acquired it from a thrift shop, vintage store, on eBay or elsewhere, wearing your tee means it will get soiled adn need laundering. And with an investment in this precious designs, we all want to avoid permanent stains and color fading.

So here's some tips from our resident Cleaning Guru Thar Ginley to keep your shirts bright and clean for the longest possible time.

yestercool hand wash tees

No matter how careful, we eventually all get stains. When you do, it is important to treat it as soon as possible. But what's the best way?
"Machines are great. Personally, I love robots. But machines are hard on clothing. When it comes to treating your special tees right, you really should hand wash," said Thar. "It's pretty simple. Get a mild detergent. We highly recommend SOAK, a no-rinse detergent for delicates, ideal fo hand washing any item. Because it's no rinse it's less work, uses less water and reduces the amount of handling that adds to the wear on your clothes. It comes it five scents, plus a scentless variety. EUCLAN is another no-rinse option that cleans as well and costs a bit less.
"Use warm --never hot--water and be gentle. These are your babies!"

As for drying, Thar suggests either air-drying the tee by hanging it or laying it flat, or if you must, use your dryer's low heat temperature setting. Always avoid ironing your shirt. High heat can ruin the fabric and the design. 

Deodorant, for all the good it delivers humanity, is bad news for tees, according to Thar. The alcohol (fragrance) or aluminum in it are the culprits. "They stain or discolor the armpit area and begin the slow degradation of the fibers."
While we would never suggest doing without deodorant regularly, perhaps on the day, or for the few hours you choose to wear those special tees, Thar says, "make sure to clean yourself thoroughly, and forego the speedstick for a short time.
Alternately, you could switch from an acidic antiperspirant to a neutral pH type of deodorant. "Choose a brand with the lowest aluminum content you can find and, this is important: allow your deodorant to dry completely before putting on your shirt. This will reduce what may attach to the fabric."

yestercool tees in closet

"Folding your tees and stuffing them into drawers will accelerate the cracking on the imprinted design," said Thar. "Hanging your treasured tees will allow them to breathe. Keep your t-shirts looking as crisp as possible by using quality hangers like the Black Velvet Touch Shirt Hangers. These hangers are designed to protect your tees from stretches and rips, and allow for optimal slip prevention."

"The more you wear your tee and the material gets used, the longer it will stay flexible. Sitting alone in a closet or drawer forever is death to tees -- breeding brittleness in the fibers and inks." So truly, Thar says, the best thing you can to make your tee last a long time is to wear it out -- often. (Just not to work out in the gym.)

Follow our other tips above and you should improve the life of your special tees.


Stay cool!