How Do We Signal Each Other?

Posted by Bob Namar on

We humans interact with each other seemingly without obvious effort. Our sophisticated and nuanced social signals are part of this delicate and impactful communication. While these signals include speech and body gestures, they also include what we wear: our fashion – our tees.

The items we choose wear send string signals to our friends, family and strangers alike. We use our tees (and other clothing items) to project the image of us or message we choose for that day and time.

Don’t be confused: clothing and fashion, by definition, are not the same. While clothing is what covers the body, fashion is style. And YESTERCOOL has designed and developed cool styles for men and women that fit right in between basic clothing and high fashion. It’s everywear and it’s yester-cool to wear.

Our apparel is a great way to make a statement. And our message tees can make you stand out or fit in, as you wish. They can speak for you when you cross a street, enter a room, or shop the aisles of a store.

Signal your thoughts

Our latest line of designs feature messaging from nautical signal flags and our Signal Your Thoughts collection has become our most popular item.


Left to right, top row: Dangerous Cargo tee and mug; Shall I Take You in Tow tee; Will Keep Close to You tee; I Request to Be Escorted and I Wish to Communicate with You tees.


These designs are based on the nautical signal flags that were originally used for communications among military partners and to communicate with other ships. Nautical flags are an internationally-recognized means of communication, used alone or in combination with one another to send messages.

We’ve found that not only are nautical flags useful for necessary communications for boaters of all purposes, they can also be for fun and self-expression.

Today, they provide you with a chance to communicate appropriate messages to those around you.

The clothes you wear say a lot about who you are, and how you feel about yourself and others. The nautical signal flag tees (and mugs) give you a wide range of messages to express yourself. On a boat, on the subway, on a car ride, or even just on your own, you can tell your own story, send your own message, and with luck, your message will be received and understood.