What's in a tee? Most likely, you.

Posted by Bob Namar on

Tees are cool. During the pandemic, many of us resorted to shopping online and purchasing merch to satisfy our urges to socialize, and to communicate. “Merch with a Message” became a trend on top of a trend, outfitting us all with cool slogans and graphics that said something about us, the way we were and the way we wanted to be…again.

It’s always been a matter of personality and personal style with clothing. We make statements all while working to keep ourselves on trend. Tees are as cool as you want them, or need them, to be.

Why tees?

When we sport tees from our favorite bands, bars and clubs (like our collection that celebrates cool places in Austin, where many of us worked and played), it may have started out as memorabilia, but now we have moved beyond that, staking a claim in eternity, declaring our modern collectables as a touchstone that declares our devotion to a place and time we long to visit-- and can again--at least through our tees.


Workout in style

We’ve adopted the tee as a workout partner, whether at home or in the gym or with a personal trainer (lucky you). As a result, the tee is now official athleisure wear, and sporty tees serve as go-to wear for any activity, from frisbee, to tire-flipping. The activewear helps keep our fitness mojo flowing even when we are enjoying an after-workout protein smoothie or beer (yeh, we see you).

Say it with styles

For those days when you just can’t even, there’s a cool tee in your drawer or closet that can do the talking for you. We all have our favorite expressions, teams, interests, and what you wear gets to say something for you, not just about you. Tees allow you to wear your activism on your sleeve, literally. And let’s admit it, that’s fun, when what’s on-your-chest becomes an in-your-face message.


Flaunting it with fashion

The tee’s versatility means that it doesn't discriminate, whether you wear it ironically, or turn to it for business wear. Trends come and go, but the humble tee is the staple of everyone’s wardrobe. There is a universality to a basic tee shirt that inspires strong sentiments.

So, if you are looking for options to add to your closet, shop through our collection of tees to match and express your every mood. Stay cool.